A: The buying process can take anywhere from 30 days up to several months depending on how long it takes to find your perfect home.

A: Don’t open any new credit accounts or purchase “any” items over $100.

A: The average buyer views at least 6 homes prior to making a selection. However, it could take more or less for you to find your perfect house.

A: It is not uncommon that the right house is the one for you.

A: As soon as possible. If you fall in love with the house there’s a good chance someone else did too. Taking too much time may put you at risk of losing the home.

A: Each property is different and your offer should be based on the current comps in the neighborhood. Standard rule is that less than 90% of the asking price can be seen as offensive to the seller as long as the property is priced correctly.

A: This is very common in a Seller’s market. Therefore, you should make an offer as soon as you find the perfect home.

A: Consent to distribute earnest money and a Termination agreement have to be signed by all parties. Once that is completed and delivered to the Title Company, they will issue you a check.

A: Yes, we recommend that everybody obtain a home inspection so that you are aware of any issues.

A: It depends on the size of the home. Generally it takes 2 to 4 hours.

A: We do not recommend any one specific person/company however; we can provide a list of some inspectors/companies.

A: No! Delays can be caused by several different factors including title issues, underwriting delays from lender, required repairs, etc.

A: Buyer – Have the utilities transferred into their name as of the date of closing and schedule a moving truck once your lender and realtor have confirmed closing date, transfer your mail service day of closing.

A: Seller – Contact utility companies to disconnect service the day after closing, schedule moving truck once your lender and realtor have confirmed closing date, ensure all belongings in garage, closets, storage units/sheds have been removed, clean property thoroughly inside and out, transfer mail service at least a week prior to closing.


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A: A valid form of identification, certified funds for any money required, keys and garage door openers (if the seller).

A: Once the transaction has recorder and funded.